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  • International Conference on Integrated Hospital Environment Management (IHEM lll, 2011)
  • Integrated Healthy Hospital & Health care Facilities Environment
  • The Pathway for Accrediation
  • 19th–20th January 2011
  • Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza Hotel

Main topics:

  • Integrated environmental management concepts, components and benefits
  • Hospital designs and operational requirements for environmental sanitation and infection control in health care facilities
  • Infection control protocols as impacted by indoor environment quality
  • Occupational health and safety of health care providers
  • Management of health care waste of different categories
  • Monitoring of indoor environment in health care facilities
  • Importance of health care facilities environmental auditing
  • Accreditation process and hospitals’ indoor environmental quality management
  • Role of different health care providers in achieving healthy hospital environment
  • Role of supportive hospital staff in achieving best service
  • Training programs needed for health care providers and supportive staff on issues of occupational health and safety